it looks perfect in your mind’s eye

If only someone can reach into your mind, pull out that dream vision, and usher it into your space. Without hassle. Or bait-and-switch quotes. Or whoops-where’d-the-time-go deadline neglect.

We’re an independent interior design firm that is utterly committed to our clients. Deadlines are sacrosanct, budget commitments are unwavering, and your taste is always honored.

Traditional, modern, contemporary, elegant: our aesthetic is assured yet nimble, and we use color and creativity to transform your project into a distinctive space that’s both relevant and realistic.

Working with Niki and her team is always a pleasure. It’s not often that you find a team that works with you collaboratively, rather than working for you.”

Roei Avraham
German Kitchen Center

What We Offer

  • Interior + Exterior Design
  • Project Management
  • Design Guide
  • Lighting Plans
  • 3D Renders
  • Material Sourcing
  • Vendor Contact
  • Purchasing + Delivering
  • Contractor Handoff
Commercial, residential, and everything in between.

With a focus on multi-unit housing, our studio provides a versatile design aesthetic that translates well across diverse industries. We design properties throughout the US and Canada spanning healthcare, hospitality, restaurants, residential, and other sectors.

Our cornerstone:
End-to-end design services.

We care about our clients. From conception to completion, we work directly with you and your contractor to provide beautiful, functional spaces that stick to budget. (Really!) Order placement, delivery time coordination, project management –we do it all, keeping your stress levels low and your expectations high.

Luxury, minus the staggering price tag.

As a design studio that works alongside multi-unit contractors, we know how custom-from-Morocco mosaic tiles add up–and quickly! Years of experience and finesse taught us the fine balance of looking luxurious while staying budget-conscious. Hey–we won’t tell if you won’t tell.

Meet Niki Broyn

Founder + CEO

Founder + CEO

Niki Broyn is the founder, CEO, and design director of Nikibi Design. Her striking and eclectic work can be found all over New York, and her collaborative approach means she works to incorporate her client’s ideas and personal style.

Niki studied interior design at SVA and has been designing spaces across the US and Canada since 2006. While her personal preferences lie on the more rustic and vintage end of the spectrum, she flawlessly adapts to many styles and trends.

As a hands-on designer, she’ll make as many site visits as necessary and have a constant line of communication with the on-site team.

Let’s create something beautiful. (And budget-friendly.)